Ahmadi, Amin

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Ahmadi, Amin
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Place of work: Vet Fac, Uni of Shiraz, PhD Student
Field of study: Veterinary Parasitology
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Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

 Personal information: 

Date of Birth: 15 Agust 1984            

Place of Birth:Esfahan

Marital status:  Single  

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Academic education:

-PhD. Student: Veterinary Parasitology\ University of Shiraz, Veterinary Faculty

-M.Sc.: Veterinary Parasitology\ Ferdowsi University Of  Mashhad

-B.Sc.  Veterinary Laboratory Sciences, Lorestan University, Iran

Thesis / Dissertations:

-MSc. thesis title:

Morphological and Molecular (ITS-2) characterisation of Dactylogyrus  spp. in Cyprinus carpio and Ctenopharyngodon idella in Mashhad

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 Research interests:  

Plathyhelminths and Nematoda

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6-Nematollahi.A ,Ahmadi.A ,Mohammadpour.H , Ebrahimi.M . (2012) External parasite infection of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and big head (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) in fish farms of Mashhad, northeast of Iran, Journal of Parasitic Diseases,Accepted: 5 July 2012.

5-Borji, H.,  Naghibi, A.,  Nasiri, M.R. , Ahmadi, A. (2012) Identification of Dactylogyrus sites of common carp in northeast of Iran  Journal of parasitic Diseases(JOPD). Accepted:20 May 2012.

4 -Borji, H.,  Razmi, Gh., Amin ahmadi, Karami, H.R., Yaghfoori, S., Abedi, V. (2011).A survey on endoparasites and ectoparasites of stray cats from Mashhad(Iran) and association with risk factors.Journal of parasitic Diseases(JOPD). Accepted: 12 Jul 2011.

3-Baghshani, H., Razmi, Gh., Yaghfoori, S., Amin ahmadi ,(2011).Investigation of selected biochemical parameters in sheep naturally infected with Theileriosis.Comparative Clinical pathology.Accepted : 13 Jul 2011.

2-Baghshani, H., Razmi, Gh., Yaghfoori, S., Ahmadi, A. (2011).Status of some oxidative stress biomarkers in sheep naturally infected with theileriosis.Research opinions in Animal & Veterinary Sciences (ROAVS).Accepted:1 Jul 2011.

1-Nematollahi, A., Ebrahimi, M., Ahmadi, A. ,Mohammadpour H. (2011).Prevalence of Haemoproteus columbae and Trichomonas gallinae in pigeons (Columba livia domestica) in Isfahan, Iran.Journal of parasitic Diseases(JOPD). Accepted:9 November 2011.

Papers presented in Symposiums or Congresses:

- 4th International Veterinary Poultry Congress & Exhibition of Iran- Tehran, February 16-17, 2014 A survey on Domstic ducks parasites, Babol, , Ebrahimi.M, Ahmadi.A , Yaghfoori.S, Mohammadpour.H

-4th International Veterinary Poultry Congress & Exhibition of Iran- Tehran, February 16-17, 2014 Parasites of domestic pigeons (Columba livia domestica) in Shiraz. Ahmadi.A, Haddadmarandi.M, Faghihzadeh Gorji.S, Azizi.M.J.

-4th International Veterinary Poultry Congress & Exhibition of Iran- Tehran, February 16-17, 2014 Study helminthes infection of Domstic geese in Jouybar,Mazandaran, Shemshadi.B, Ranjbar.Sh, Faghihzadeh Gorji.S, Ahmadi.A.

-18th Iranian Veterinary Congress, May 6-8 , 2014 Tehran- Iran. A case report : Occurrence of Oligochaeda (Annelida) in Cattel from Shahr-e-kord area. karimi ghahfarrokhi.E, Ahmadi.A , Sadeghi.S

-7th National Congress of Zoonotic Diseases” Yasuj, Iran, 17-19 May 2011, An ivestigation on the cotamination of stray cats with Toxocara cati parasite in mashhad. Saeed yahfoori, Amin ahmadi , Hamidreza karami , Hssan borji

-17th National Parasitology Congress and Caucasian and Middle East Symposium on Parasitic Diseases ,2011Oct04 , Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in stray cats from Mashhad (Iran) and association with risk factors,Hassn borji, Gholamreza razmi, Amin ahmadi, Hamid reza karami, Saeed yaghfoori, Vai abedi

-12th Iranian Congress of Biochemistry & 4th International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mashhad,Iran, September 6-9 2011.Investigation of some blood biochemical parameters in sheep naturally infected with theileriosis,Hassan baghshani, Gholamreza razmi, saeed yaghfoori, Amin ahmadi

-1th National Conference on Aquaculture,Anzali,Iran,November 29-30 2011.Identification of isolated Dactylogyrus spp of Cyprinus carpio in Mashhad, Iran. Amin ahmadi, Hassan borji, Abolghasem naghibi, Mohammad Reza nassiry, Mansour ebrahimi.

-1th National Conference on Aquaculture,Anzali,Iran,November 29-30 2011.Evaluation of ectoparasite infestation in common carps(Cyprinus carpio) of Mashhad. Amin ahmadi , Mansour ebrahimi, Saeed yaghfoori, Kimia ghaffari.

-7th Convention of Iranian Veterinary Clinicians,Iran,January 18-19 2012. Tehran.Iran . Detection of seasonal parasite fauna of two types of farmed fish(big head and pharmed carp)in Mashhad. Amin ahmadi,mansour ebrahimi,Saeed yaghfoori,Elham moghadas

-17th Iranian Veterinary Congress,Iran,April 28 – 30 , 2012 Tehran.Iran . The first reported occurrence  Physaloptera  of monkeys in Iran. Hassan Borji, Zahra Mosavi, Amin Ahmadi.

-17th Iranian Veterinary Congress,Iran,April 28 – 30 , 2012 Tehran.Iran . The first reported cases of malaria in pigeons in Iran. ,Vali Abedi, Saeed yaghfoori, Amin ahmadi , Gholamreza razmi,

-17th Iranian Veterinary Congress,Iran,April 28 – 30 , 2012 Tehran.Iran .Study  Infection  internal and external parasites in pigeons Mashhad.Nona Morad pour, Hassan Borji,Amin Ahmadi



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