Amin,Omar M.

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Amin,Omar M.
E-mail Address:
Place of work: Parasitology Center, Tempe,Arizona,USA
Field of study: Acanthocephales
Year of taking PhD degree: 1968
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position:
Phone number:

A great parasitologist that i will have this wish to be his student for ever.

Curriculum Vitae(Resume)


B. Sc.: (1959)  In Sciences and Zoology, Cairo University,Egypt

M.Sc.: (1963)   In Medical Entomology, Cairo University,Egypt

Ph.D.: (1968)  In Parasitology and Infectious Diseases, Arizona State University,Tempe

Post-doctoral: Old Dominion Univ., Norfolk, VA (ticks and tick- borne diseases research)

 CDC, Atlanta, GA (Rocky Mountain spotted fever research)


1992-    :  Director, Institute of Parasitic Diseases (IPD) & 1971-92: Professor of Parasitology, Allied Health, and Biology, University of  Wisconsin, WI.

Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI), 11445 E. Via Linda, Ste. 2,

Scottsdale, AZ 85259-2638 (phone 480-767-2522, Fax 480-767-

5855, e-mail:, web address:

1969-70: Visiting Fellow, Virology Sect., Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA.  Research on    Rocky Mountain spotted fever/tick vectors.

1967-69: Biology instructor and Post-doctoral Research Assoc. (bio-ecology of ticks) Old Dominion Univ. (ODU), Norfolk, VA.

1966-67: Faculty Assoc. (TA) Zoology and agriculture, ASU, Tempe, AZ.

1960-64: Research Asst., Dept of Medical Zoology, US Naval Medical Research Unit #3 (NAMRU-3), Cairo, with Harry Hoogstraal.  Bio-ecology of arthropod disease vectors in Africa; field & lab research.

Awards and grants:

Many awards and grants given by national and state agencies in support of parasitological research.  The Persian Gulfresearch was supported by 2 Fulbright Research Scholarships.

Published  research on human parasitology and wildlife agents of human diseases in North America (encephalitis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, intestinal parasites and neuro-cutaneous syndrome) and in South  America (Peru, Chile), North and East Africa (Malawi), West Africa (Mali), Persian Gulf (Kuwait, Bahrain), Middle East (Egypt), Asia (Taiwan, Thailand, China, Inner Mongolia, Vietnam, India) , Europe (Russia, Czech Republic) and Mexico.

Over 185 major articles and books (chapters) and a considerably larger  number of presentationsto various international and national scientific groups.

A 5-part video set on parasites was also published for medical education. Thisvideo, among others, are now available in a power point CD format.

Parasitology Center,Inc.:

 Provides 2 kinds of  services: diagnostic and educational:

1.     Diagnostic services of human and animal borne parasitic 

 organisms and agents of medical and public health importance. 

 Call PCI package shop at 866-547-2522 to order kits.

 2. Educational services include continuing educational seminars andwork shops offered to health care practitioners and referring doctors.Consultations with referring practitioners & protocols for herbal,alternative and allopathic treatments are provided courtesy of PCI.

 Membership in Societies:

-American Society of Parasitologists

-British Society of Parasitology

-American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

-American Society of Microbiology

-American Microscopical Society

-Helminthological Society of Washington

-Biological Society of Washington

 -Arizona Homeopathic and Alternative Medical Association

-Rocky Mountain Conference of Parasitologists (life membership)

 -The Blastocystis Research Foundation

-National Arab American Medical Association

-APHIA (Peruvian Association of Helminthology and Associated Invertebrates)

 Foreign Languages with reading, writing, and speaking knowledge:

Arabic and French.

Foreign Languages with reading knowledge:

Spanish, German, Russian

Publications :

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