Gongylonema pulchrum

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Gongylonema pulchrum
Host: 1-Bos taurus(Cow)
2-Camelus dromedarius(Arabian camel)
3-Ovis aries(Sheep)
4-Ovis orientalis(Wild sheep)
5-Sus scrofa(Boar)
6-Homo sapiens(Human)
Parasites Place in Host: Esophagus
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How is this wonderful nematode living in Iran!

Gongylonema pulchrum,gullet worm,esophageal worm,is a wonderful nematode normally found in the oesophagus of Ruminants ,Boar and Camel and in rare cases its found in the mouth of Human.

Intermediate hosts

The intermediate hosts are Scarabaeid bettles-Dung beetles-that we can see the Gongylonema larvae inside the body of the beetles during the dissection of their body with steriomicroscope(loop).

In a study in the Ardabil province,north west of Iran,Mowlavi et al. studied  15 species of scarabaeid beetles(during summer of 2005) from the different parts of the province and found the Gongylonema sp larvae in only Copris lunaris dung beetles of Namin area in this province,5 out of the 13 studied beetles (38.4%),of this species from Namin were infected by the Gongylonema sp larvae(2.2% of 231 beetles),the intensity was max. 6 and minimum 1 larvae per beetle.(Mowlavi et al. 2009)

In Animals

The adult worms are  reported in several provinces of Iran,like Mazandaran , West Azarbaijan,Ardabil ,Tehran ,.. in different  animals including:Cow , Sheep ,Wild sheep, Goat  , Camel and Wild boar.

-In the first researches it has been reported :

        Cow    45%    Eslami, 1972

        Sheep 21%    Eslami, 1976

-In Urmia abattoir (Tavassoli et al.):

      Cow        n=283             11.3%

     Sheep     n=328             4.9%

     Goat        n=171                4.8%

     Buffalo   n=256              7.4%


In Human

It seems the infection of Human is accidental by eating the infected Beetles.It has been reported only once in Iran,that was  in a 35 years old woman from Tehran .(Molavi et al. 2006)


By: Dr. Ali, Halajian