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Place of work: Uni of Agriculture,Parasitology Dep,Faisalabad,Pakistan
Field of study: Veterinary Parasitology
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Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Personal information: 

Date of Birth:        15.6.1959

Phone number:  041-9201106

Academic education:

Postdoctoral training:1993 Immunology,Molecular biology/Ohio state Uni

Ph.D. : 1991  Parasitology/Uni of Agriculture,Faisalabad,Pakistan

M.Sc. : 1985  Parasitology/Uni of Agriculture,Faisalabad,Pakistan

D.V.M. : 1982Veterinary science/Uni of Agriculture,Faisalabad,Pakistan

 Thesis / Dissertations:

Membership in societies:

1-Member Pakistan Society of Parasitology

2-Member Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association

Current position:

Professor/Department of Parasitology,University of Agriculture,Faisalabad-38040, Pakistan 

Work experience(Academic position):   

Research interests: 

The research interests are mainly on the epidemiology and control of parasitic diseases of animals in Pakistan. This includes determination of factors contributing to parasitic diseases in local conditions, screening of different existing compounds and others particularly of plant origin for their efficacy as antiparasitics. The current research focus is on the documentation of traditional veterinary practices (ethnopharmacology) and their scientific validation using standard scientific procedures. So far more than 50 plants have been evaluated for their anti-parasitic activity and about 20 have been found of great interest for the farmers, researchers and pharmaceutical industry as well.


Workshop attendance:



1-Sajid, M.S., Z. Iqbal, M.N. Khan and G. Muhammad, 2009. In vitro and in vivo Efficacies of Ivermectin and Cypermethrin against the cattle tick Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum (Acari: Ixodidae)”. Parasitology Research, XX:XXX-XXX DOI No. 10.1007/s00436-009-1538-2 (In Press)

2-Muhammad Kasib Khan, Muhammad Sohail Sajid, Muhammad Nisar Khan, Zafar Iqbal and Muhammad Umair Iqbal, 2009. Bovine fasciolosis: Prevalence, effects of treatment on productivity and cost benefit analysis in five districts of Punjab, Pakistan. Research in Veterinary Science, 87: 70-75.

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Papers presented in Symposiums or Congresses:

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1-Awarded Research Productivity Allowance (2008) by The Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Islamabad

2-President’s Medal for Technology 2008 (civil award) awarded by The President of Pakistan on recommendation of the Minsitry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan

3-PAS Gold Medal 2008 in the field of Agriculture by Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan

4-Best University Teacher Award 2007 by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan

5-Received 10th PEF (Pakistan Educational Forum) National Education Awards 2004 by Pakistan Education Forum (Society for Promotion and Development of Education), NW-33, Near Government Post Graduate College, Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi

6-Received “Professor AR Shakoori Gold Medal 2004” as a recognition of scientist of the year 2004 during 24th Pakistan Congress of Zoology Held on March 30, 2004 at Allama Iqbal University, Islamabad

7-Received Star Laureate Award 2001 (Trophy and Certificate of Excellence) from South Asia Publications, Karachi

8-Received “Young Scientist award 1996 from Academic Staff Association, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (1997)

9-Received certificate of being an excellent research worker from The Ohio State University, U.S.A.

10-Obtained certificate of achievement from USAID Academy for Educational Development as special recognition for achieving the highest TOEFL score in 21st session of English for Academic Purposes

11-First class throughout the academic carrier

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