Khadem Vatan,Shahram

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Khadem Vatan,Shahram
E-mail Address:
Place of work: Jondi Shapour Uni of Med Sciences, Ahwaz, Iran
Field of study: Protozoan cell death and apoptosis
Year of taking PhD degree:
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position: PhD Candidate
Phone number: 0098 9123505391
Curriculum Vitae(Resume)
Personal information: 
Date of Birth: .3.1978
Academic Education:
 Ph.D.:  2009 Medical Parasitology/Iran University of Medical Sciences
 M.Sc. : 2004   Medical parasitology/Tarbriz medical University, Tabriz, Iran
 B.Sc. : 2001 Medical Laboratory Sciences/Tarbriz medical University, Tabriz, Iran
 A.D. Medical Laboratory Sciences (1997)
 Borojerd azad University of Medical Sciences, Borojerd, Iran  
 Membership in societies:     
 Since 2008: Member of Iranian Society of Parasitology (Tehran)
 1-umi A, KhademVatan Sh, Ghazanchaei A. KAtex antigen-detection test as a diagnostic tool for latent visceral leishmaniasis cases. African Journal of

Biotechnology Vol. 7 (7), pp. 852-859, 3 April, 2008


2-Jamali R, KhademVatan Sh. Prevalence of Dientamoeba fragilis  in Tabriz . Uremia medical journal. Vol 2,pp122-127, 2005. 


3-KhademVatan Sh, Fallah E. Applications of PCR in medical parasitology. Journal of medical diagnosis. Vol. 2, pp. 52-59,2004. (Farsi).  

4-KhademVatan Sh , Mazlumi AS, Introduction of new diagnostic test for  VL. Journal of medical diagnosis. Vol. 1 pp. 8-9, 2004 (Farsi).



5-KhademVatan Sh, DNA vaccine in leishmaniasis. Journal of medical diagnosis. Vol. 12, pp. 36-41, 2006 (Farsi).



6-KhademVatan Sh, Mazlumi AS. Treatment and drug resistance of cutaneous leishmaniasis. Journal of medical parasitology. Vol. 13 , pp13-17, 2006 (Farsi).



7-KhademVatan  Sh    Urine  is  the  best  instrument  for  parasitic  disease.  Journal  of

medical parasitology. 2006 . . Vol. 14, pp25-27, 2006 (Farsi)


8-Khademvatan  Sh,  Bahavar  H,    Atlas  of  medical  parasitology  for  medical

student. (In Farsi), Tarbriz University  of Medical Sciences. (2004)

   Oral Presentations: 

 1-study of meltefosine on the standard strain of leishmania major& leishmania

 infantum. Iranian congress of medical parasitology , Tehran ,Iran, 2008

 2-Visceral leishmaniasis in renal transplant ; Aspect and diagnosis. 1st  international  

congress of infectious in transplant. Tehran Iran 2008

 3-Survey of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Azerbaijani Pilgrims returned from Iraq.

 International congress of dermatology Tehran Iran 2004

 4-Evaluation of latex agglotination test for diagnosis of  veisceral  leishmaniasis.

 14th national congress of tropical medicine tehran iran 2006.

 5-Evaluation  of  stool  examination  accuracy  in  Tabriz  medical  laboratories: 

 International congress of intestinal and liver diesaes tehran iran 2005.

   Poster presentation:

 1-Seroepidemiology of toxoplasmosis in women worked in yazd hospital. 13th

 national congress of tropical medicine tehran iran 2005.

 2-Reactivation of toxoplasmosis in renal transpelant; 1st national congress of renal

 transplant, Mashhad Iran 2008

 3-Glomerulopathy Associated with Visceral leishmaniasis. First national congress of

 laboratory diagnosis:  bed to bench. Tehran Iran 2007

4-The Role of Toxoplasmosis in Ophthalmic Disorders. First national congress of

laboratory diagnosis:  bed to bench. Tehran Iran 2007

Ongoing Researchs:

Induction of apoptosis in Leishmania infantum promastigutes by Meltefosine drugs

in order to dissect the molecular mechanisms involved in apoptosis, in Cellular and

Molecular Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Study  of  antibodies  in  renal  transplant  patient  with  new  automated  methods


Teaching Experiences:

2006-current: Medical parasitology for undergraduate students in Iran

University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2004: Medical parasitology for undergraduate students in Tabriz University

of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran

Experimental Skills:

Extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, Protein

PCR and PCR-based analysis, for example: RT-PCR

Gel agarose electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE 

Western blot analysis, 

Cell culture, MTT assay 


Basic flow cytometry 

Foreign languages proficiency:

Farsi :native


-Award of talented student for medical parasitology atlas designing,Tabriz medical university ,2004

Intermediate to advanced knowledge in using the following general-purpose software packages:

MS office, PDF file management, Reference Manager, Photo retouching,Gene Runner, Gene Banking






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