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Place of work: Tehran Uni,Vet Fac,PhD Student
Field of study: Hydatid cyst, Echinococcus
Year of taking PhD degree:
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position:
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Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Personal information:

Date of birth: 28/06/1984

Place of Birth: Gonbad

Marital status:Married

Contact address:

Parasitology  & Mycology Department, Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Tehran University,  Tehran , Iran

Academic education:

-PhD :    -2013             Veterinary Parasitology/ Tehran University , Tehran, Iran

-D.V.M: -2009            Veterinary Medicine/ Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Thesis / Dissertations:

PhD thesis title: Expression and Production of Protoscolex Recombinant Protein EPC1 and its Conjugating by Gold Nano Particles for Serodiagnosis Testing of Hydatidosis and Echinococcosis

DVM thesis title: Comparison of electrophoretic patterns of larval stages of Taeniidae and determination of specific antigens of Hydatid cyst by Western blotting technique

Membership in societies:

- Iranian Veterinary Association (member of WVA)

- Veterinary Council, I.R of Iran

– Iranian Society of Parasitology

Current position:

Work experiences:

Worked at QIMR (Queensland Institute of Medical Research) Departments of:

  • Biomarkers & Biology of Infection Related Cancers
  • Parasite Cell Biology

Project title” Proteomic characterisation of complex protein mixtures”

Project title” Proteomic Analysis of Schistosoma mansoni Egg Excretory – Secretory products”

 Worked at University of Queensland /IMB/ Center of Microscopy and Microanalysis

  • Worked with Ultra microtome and Electron Microscope

Research interests:

  • Helminthes infections, Zoonosis disease, Hydatidosis Emphasis in

Molecular and Cell Biology

Research visits:

Workshop attendance:

1-Attendance in workshop of ‘two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and western blot’ By The 11th International Congress of immunology & Allergy

 2-Attendance in workshop of ‘Real-Time PCR’ By The 11th International Congress of immunology & Allergy

 3-Attendance in work shop of Technical norms of animal parasitology lab over 30 hours from Iran Medical Science University

Publications (Journals):

1-Kordafshari, S., Hosseini, S.H, Jalousian F, Jones M, Rajabi Bazl M. (2015) Application of dot immunogold filtration assay (DIGFA) by recombinant protein EPC1 for detecting serum antibodies against Echinococcus granulosus. Iranian Journal of Parasitology, 10(1):30 – 38.

2-Kordafshari, S., Hosseini, S.H, Jalousian F, Rajabi Bazl M.Diagnosis of human hydatidosis using recombinant protein EPC1 by sandwich ELISA. (2014). Iranian Journal Of Immunology, Vol. 11, Supplement 1, pp 506.

3-Etebar F, Jalousian F, Hosseini S.H, Kordafshari, S. (2013).Immunoproteomics approach for EPC1 antigenic epitope prediction of G1 and G6 strains of Echinococcus granulosus. Parasitology Research, 112(9):3129-35

4-Youssefi, M.R., Hosseinifard, S.M., Halimi, M. and Kordafshari, S (2012). Determination of the electrophoretic pattern of somatic and excretory-secretory proteins of Ligula intestinalis parasite in spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus). Tropical Biomedicine 29(4): 519–523.

5-Jalosian F, Hosseini SH, Kordafshari,S, Meshgi B (2012). Investigation into antigenic property of Echinococcus protoscolex (EPC1) using bioinformatic tools. Iranian Journal of Immunology, Vol.9 supplement 1, pp159.

6-Kordafshari, S., Hosseini SH, Jalousian F, Rajabi Bazl M. (2011) Production of hyperimmune serum against hydatidosis in order to evaluate hydatid cyst fluid immunogenicity. Clinical Biochemistry Vol. 44, #13s; pp.s189.

7-Jalousian, F., Hosseini, SH., Meshgi, B., Shayan, P., Bazl Rajabi, Kordafshari, S (2011) Diagnosis of Echinococcus granulosus in experimentally infected dogs with in prepatent period using hydatid cyst protoscolex antigens Clinical Biochemestry Vol. 44, #13s; pp.s167.

8-Rajablou M, Yousefi M, Majidi rad M, Kordafhsari, S (2010). Prevalence of Linguatula serrata nymphs in one humped camel (Cameuls dromedarius) in Tehran, Iran. Global Veterinaria, 6(5):438-440.

9-Kordafshari, S., R. Samani, H. Hosseini, M.R Yousefi, B. Esfandiari (2010). First report of physalopterid infection in a fish – eating bird (Botaurus stellaris) from Fars county”. World Journal of Zoology 5(4):246-248.

10-Kordafshari, S., Hosseini S.H., Meshgi B., Yousefi M (2010) The comparison of electrophoretic pattern of larval stages of taenidae cestodes and determination of specific antigen of hydatic cyst by Western Blot Global Veterinaria, 4(6): 601-606.  

11- Kordafshari, S., Tavassoli, A (2008) .The first Occurrence of histomoniasis in breeder hens flocks in Mazandaran province. Veterinary journal of Islamic Azad University – Tabriz Branch Vol.3,No,2supp.

Papers presented in Symposiums or Congresses:





-Winner in Tehran University badminton competition

-Winner in Tehran University Dart competition for 3 years

-TTC (Teacher Training Course) of English language certificate with score of 85/100 from Iranmehr Institute

-English Language Diploma from National English Institute of Shokuh

Foreign languages proficiency:

-Persian :   Native

-English: Fluent


-Playing professional badminton & Dart, Swimming, Travelling