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Sandor Kotlan(1887-1967) was born in Szomolلny (now Smolenice, Czechoslovakia). He trained as a veterinarian and brought to parasitology a considerable knowledge of pathology. In 1911 he was appointed to the Veterinary College in Budapest as a lecturer in pathology, but it was not until 1921 that he was commissioned to hold lectures on parasitology. He developed his work on taxonomy, morphological, biological and ecological problems within the further contexts of pathology, therapy and epizootiology of many parasitoses.

Under his guidance the laboratory at Budapest developed to departmental status and his book Parasitology, first published in 1944 and in several subsequent editions, became an authoritative guide to many students.

Kotlan’s interests ranged widely, being mainly directed towards helminths but he published on piroplasmosis and its vectors in Hungary as well as general principles of epidemiology and control. He was editor of Acta Veterinaria Hungarica. He was President of the Parasitological Section of the Hungarian Veterinary Association and was for several years Secretary of the Permanent Committee for Parasitology of the International Zoological Congress. He also was the first President of the Hungarian Society of Parasitologists. Although he was not a major contributor specifically to coccidiology, he was a considerable influence on the development of parasitology generally in Eastern Europe.

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