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Place of work: Parasitology Dep,Veterinary & Animal Sciences Uni,Lahore,Pakistan
Field of study: Veterinary Parasitology
Year of taking PhD degree:
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position:
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Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Personal information:

Date of Birth: 4.May.1965

Cell phone number: oo92 3009425028

Place of Birth:Faisalabad

Marital status: Married

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Department of Parasitology,University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore,Pakistan

Academic education:

-PhD. : 2002  Veterinary parasitology  /University of Agriculture,Faisalabad,Pakistan

-MSc. : 1993

-D.V.M. : 1989

Thesis / Dissertations:

-PhD. thesis title:          Trichostrongylid nematodes of sheep: Epidemiological aspects and evaluation of anthelminthic activity of indigenous plants

-MSc. thesis title:          Some biochemical and Haematological changes in experimentally induced Coccidiosis in Chicken 

Membership in societies:

Current position:

-15-01-2008, To Date , Associate Professor, Department of Parasitology, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore

Work experience:

1-22-01-2007 to 14-01-2008 , Deputy Secretary (Technical), L&DD Department, Government of Punjab, Lahore.

2-04-08-2005 to 22-01-2007, Deputy Director (Research). O/O DG(R). L&DD Lahore.

3-31-01-2004 to 03-08-2005 , Helminthologist (O/I Parasitology). Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore.

4-15-03-2002 to 30-01-2004, Curator (O/I, Zoological Gardens Bahawalpur).

5-01-07-1992 to 14-03-2002, Veterinary Officer (Wildlife & Parks Department Lahore).

Research interests:

Workshop attendance:

1-PARB ( Punjab Agriculture Research Board), Research report writing,09.11.2009 to 11.11.2009.

2- World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, Third Sub Regional workshop on Rapid Response for Avian & Pandemic Influenza, Lahore Pakistan, 18.06.2007 to 22.06.2007.

3- Pakistan Academy for Rural Development , Peshawar, Natural Resource Management through community participation, 09.04.2007 to 12.04.2007.

4- Management & Professional Development Department. Government of the Punjab, Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore. Project Planning, PC-1 Preparation Appraisal, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation. 10.07.2006 to 22.07.2006.

5- Iqbal Academy Lahore , Pakistan, Persian & Kalam-e-Iqbal, 11.12.2004 to 11.04.2005.


6- Management & Professional Development Department. Government of the Punjab, Upper Mall Scheme , Lahore, Executive Leadership Development program, 19.12.2005 to 21.12.2005.

7- Wildlife & Parks Department (Lahore Zoo), Government of the Punjab, Immobilization & Transport of Wild Animal, 02.07.2004 to 05.07.2004.

8- National Zoological Gardens, Dehiwala, Srilanka, 4th Annual Zoo Training Workshop & Conference of the South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation, 01.12.2003 to 07.12.2003.

9- University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Training course in “Public Health Parasitology”, 29.01.2002 to 11.02.2002.

10- Nuclear Institute for Agriculture & Biology, Faisalabad, Post-Graduate Training Course on Nuclear and other Advanced Techniques in Agriculture and Biological Research, 30.10.2000 to 10.11.2000.

11- University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Computer Course, 12.04.1999 to 11.06.1999.

12- Deosai Plains Baltistan, The immobilization and Radio collaring of the Hamalayan Brown bear, 11.09.1996 to 09.09.1996.

Publications (Journals):

1- Lateef,M. , Z. Iqbal., M.N. Khan, M.S. Akhtar and A. Jabbar, 2003. Anthelmintic Activity of Adhatoda vesica Roots. Int. J. Agri. Biol., 5:86-90.

2- Iqbal,Z., M. Lateef. ,M. Ashraf., and A.Jabbar.,2004. Anthelmintic activity of Artemisia brevifolia in sheep. J. Ethno-pharmacol, 93 (2-3) : 256-268.

3- Iqbal,Z., M.Lateef. ,M. N. N. Khan, G. Muhammad., and A. Jabbar., 2005. Temporal density of trichostrongylid larvae on a communal pasture in a sub-tropical region of Pakistan. Pakistan Vet. J., 25(2) : 87-91.

4- Iqbal,Z., A.Jabbar., M.S. Akhtar., G. Muhammad., and M. Lateef. , 2005. Possible role of ehtnoveterinary medicine in poverty reduction in Pakistan: Use of botanical anthelmintics as an example. J. Agri. Sci., 1(2) 187-195.

5- Lateef,M. , Z Iqbal., A. Jabbar M.N. Khan, and M.S. Akhtar., 2005. Epidemiology of trichostrongylid nematode infections in Sheep under traditional husbandry system in Pakistan. Int. J. Agri. Biol., 7(4): 596-600.

6- Iqbal.,Z., M. Lateef. , A. Jabbar., G.Muhhamad., and M. N.Khan., 2005. Anthelmintic activity of Calotropis procera (Ait.) Ait. F. flowers in sheep. J. Ethno-pharmacol, 102 (2): 256-261.

7- A. Jabbar, A., Z. Iqbal., G.Muhammad., M.N. Khan., R. Z.Abbad., Z.D.Sindhu and M.Lateef. , 2005. The interplay of molecular biology and veterinary Parasitology: A need of the time. Int. J. Agri. Biol., 7 (5):845-852.

8-  U. Rauf., M. Lateef. , and A. Sultana., 2005. Prevelance of different species of Tapeworms in sheep. J. Anim. P1.Sci. 15(1-2): 53-55.

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11- Iqbal Z., M. Lateef , A. Jabbar, M. N. Ghayur and A. H. Gilani., 2006 In vitro and In vivo Anthelmintic Activity of Nicotiana tabacum against Gastrointestinal Nematodes of sheep. Phytother. Res., 20: 46-48.

12- Iqbal, Z., M. Lateef , ., M. N. Khan., A. Jabbar., and M.S Akhtar., 2006. Anthelmintic activity of Swertia chirata against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep. Fitoterapia, 77(6): 463-465.

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15- Iqbal, Z., M. Lateef , A. Jabbar., M.S. Akhtar., and M.N. Khan. 2006. Anthelmintic Activity of Venomia anthelmintica Seeds against Trichostrongylid Nematodes of Sheep. Pharmaceutical Biology. 7(6): 563-467.


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