Rokni,Mohammad Bagher

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Rokni,Mohammad Bagher
E-mail Address:
Place of work: Tehran Uni of Med Sciences,School of Public Health
Field of study:
Year of taking PhD degree: 2002Tehran Uni of Med Sciences
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position: Associate Professor
Phone number: 0098 9122390309

Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Personal information: 

Date of Birth: 1956

Fax number:0098 2188950184

Academic education:

Ph.D. : 2002 Medical Parasitology / Tehran University of medical sciences

Visiting scientist: 2001 Dublin city university,Ireland for 6 months

M.S.P.H. : 1991 Medical Parasitology / Tehran University of medical sciences

B.Sc. : 1979 Biology / Shahid chamran University,Ahvaz

Membership in Societies:

Iranian society of parasitology(ISP):  Member of the Board of Directors  ( Treasurer of the society)

Iranian Public Health Association: Member of the Board of Directors

Iranian Scientific Association of Clinical Laboratory:Member of the Board of Directors

 World  Association of  Medical Editors (WAME)

 Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors and Vice President at large (EMAME)

Current position:

Associate Professor/Department of Medical Parasitology and Mycology,School of Public Health & Institute of Public Health Research,Tehran University of Medical Sciences,P.O.Box: 6446 ,Tehran,Iran

Work experience:  

Instructor, member of academic staff in Dept. of Medical Parasitology & Mycology.

Assistant Prof. from 2002.

Associate Prof. from 2006.


Research interests: 

Diagnosis of parasitic diseases

Purification & evaluation of parasitic antigens

Study of hematological & biochemical manifestations in Parasitic diseases

Workshop attendance:

1-2nd workshop of PHC, Ahwaz, Iran. 1992.

2-5th workshop of Study Method, Tehran, Iran. 1998.

3-1st and 2nd workshop of Web Based Educational courses. 2002, 2003.


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Papers presented in Symposiums or Congresses:


1-Rokin, MB. The effect of sport in promotion the health & reducing the disability in older adults. congress of nursing cares in older adults. Zangan.1998.

2-Rokni MB, Massod J. Survey of clinical manifestations   & seral – blood factors in patients with VLM. The 2nd  national congress of parasitic diseases in Iran. Tehran 1997

3-Rokni MB, Massoud J. survey of clinical & paraclinical presentation in patients with hydatidosis. 1st iranian medical sciences postgraduate students conference. Tehran 2000.

 4-Rokni MB. Correlation between cancer and helminthiasis. The first international congress of cancer genetics, 13-16 Dec, 2003, Tehran. Iran.P.96

5-Rokni MB. Serologic diagnosis of hydatidosis. 17th Iranian Congress on Infectious diasese andTropical Medicine. 20-24 Dec, 2008. Member of panel.


1-Parasites and Inflammation in Intestinal Tract,Inflammation in the intestinal tract: pathogenesis and treatment,Ukraine-kiev,15-16 My 2009,poster.

2-Global burden of intestinal helminthic diseases,Intestinal Disorders,Hungary,Budapest,2-3 May,2008,poster.

3-Challanges in food borne parasites,Source attribution task meeting,Malaysia,Kualalampur,28-30 April,2008,Lecture.

4-Medical parasitology and E-learning ,a global perspective,1st International congress on technology supported learnig and training,Russia,Moscow,30 Sep-3Oct,2007,Lecture.

5-How to discover plagiarism,National conference on medical editing,Pakistan,Rawelpendi,23-25 April,2007,Lecture.

6-Evaluation of western blot method using different subclasses of IgG and B antigen of hydatid cyst in laboratory diagnosis of human hydatidosis,The middle east medical assembly(MEMA),Lebanon,Beirut,11-14 May,2006,Lecture.

7-Impact of immigration on the feature of parasitic dieseases in Iran,9th Conference of the international society of Travel Medicine(CISTM9),Portugal,Lisbon,1-5 May,2005,Poster.

8-Risk of parasitic diseases for visitors of Iran,5th Asia pacific travel health Conference(APTHC),Malaysia,4-7 Oct,2004,Lecture.

9-Evaluation of EITB method using cysteine proteinase atigen of Fasciola hepatica in laboratory diagnosis of human fascioliasis,IX European Multicolloquium of Parasitology,Spain,2004,Poster.

10-Comparison of adult somatic and cysteine proteinase antigens of Fasciola gigantica in Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for diagnosis of Bovine Fasciolosis,Congress of ISWAVLD,Thailand,Bancok,9-13 Nov,2003,Lecture.

11-Comparison of adult somatic and cysteine proteinase antigens of Fasciola gigantica in Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for serodiagnosis of Human Fasciolosis,18th International Congress of IMSSC,Turkey,Istanbul,8-11 May,Lecture. 

12-Diagnosis of human fasciolosis in the Gilan province of Northern Iran:application of cathepsin L-ELISA,10th International Cogress of Parasitology(ICOPA),Canada,Vancouver,4-9 Aug,2002,Lecture.

13-Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Ahvaz region south-west of Iran,8th International Congress of Parasitology(ICOPA),Turkey,Izmir,10-14 Oct,1994,Poster.


1-Medical Malacology. Mansoorial AB, Rokni MB. Tabesh Andisheh Press, Tehran, Iran. 2004(In persian).

2-Strongyloidea Superfamily.  Kanoon Gostaresh Oloom Press, Tehran, Iran. 2004 (In persian).

3-Comprehensive book of MSPH entrance exam- Basic Medical Sceinces. Zisstshenasi Kahne Press. 2005 (In persian).

4-Laboratory Sciences Comprehensive Textbook. Andishe Rafih Press. 2005 (In persian).


2nd rank for PhD thesis. 5th National Ebne Sina festival. Tehran University of Medical Sciences. 2003.

Foreign languages proficiency:


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