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Place of work: Tehran Uni,Vet Fac,Tehran
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Year of taking PhD degree:
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
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Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Personal information:

Date of Birth:  1983/09/19

Place of Birth: Tehran

Contact address:

Academic education:

- D.V.M. Doctor of  Veterinary Medicine / Tehran university, Tehran.

- Ph.D. : 2008-2912 Veterinary Parasitology/ Tehran  University, Tehran.

Thesis / Dissertations:

-PhD thesis title: Cloning of Tasp protein and It’s Immunogenicity

Membership in societies:

- Iranian Society of Parasitology(ISP)

Current position:

Work experiences:

Research interests:

-Molecular Immunobiology

Research visits:

Workshop attendance:

Publications (Journals):

1- ,Haddadzadeh, H., Sadrebazzaz, A., Malmasi, A., Talei Ardakani, H., Khazraiinia, P.,  Sadreshirazi, N. (2007)Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum infection in dogs from rural and urban environments in Tehran ,Iran ,Journal of Parasitology Research.

Papers presented in Symposiums or Congresses:

1- Seroprevalene of Neospora caninum infection in domestic camels (Camelus dromedaries) In Iran , European congress on veterinary clinical pathology,  5-9 Sep , 2006, Iran, Tehran.

2- Seroprevalence of Toxoplasm gondii in dromedaries using Indirect Fluorescence Antibody Test ( IFAT) in Iran.Kh.Pirali, The International Scientific Congress on camels under the patronage of his Royal Highness Prince Sultan Al Saud , 2006, Iran, Tehran.

3- Evaluation of Acaricidal effects of two essential herbal drugs of Thymus and Lavnder and extract of Aloe on Boophilus annulatus in vitro , The second symposium on tick and tick borne diseases semnan Iran,Oral presentation.

4- Characterization of Polymorphic surface protein TASP of Iranian Theileria annulata, Integrated control of Ticks and tick-borne diseases in a globalized world, 2010, Istanbul,Turkey.

5- Prevalence of blood parasites in camels slaughtered in Mashad, The first National congress  of veterinary laboratory sciences, 2009, Iran, Tehran.

6- Prevalence of Dirofillariosis in rural dogs in karaj province using ELISA Kit, The sixteenth  National congress  of veterinary medicine ,Iran, Tehran.



Foreign languages proficiency:

-Persian :   Native



- Playing  piano, Mountain climbing, Watching comic movies.

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