Soulsby,Ernest Jackson Lawson

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Soulsby,Ernest Jackson Lawson
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Ernest Jackson Lawson Soulsby, Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Prior (born 23 June 1926) is a distinguished microbiologist and parasitologist.


He was created a Life Peer in 1990 as Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, of Swaffham Prior in the County of Cambridgeshire and sits as a Conservative peer in the House of Lords. Soulsby was brought up in the former county of Westmorland on the family farm at Williamsgill, Newbiggin, Temple Sowerby. He was educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith, and then at the University of Edinburgh.


Soulsby was a Veterinary Officer for the City of Edinburgh from 1949 to 1952, and then a lecturer in Clinical Parasitology at the University of Bristol from 1952 to 1954. From 1954 to 1963 Soulsby was a lecturer in Animal Pathology at the University of Cambridge. He was Professor of Parasitology at the University of Pennsylvania until 1978, when he returned to the University of Cambridge as Professor of Animal Pathology.


Soulsby has been a member of the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons since 1978 and is a past President of the Royal Society of Medicine, past President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge.
He served on the Government’s inquiry into fox hunting and is an expert adviser to the UK Government on animal welfare, science and technology, biotechnology and environmental issues. He is in addition the President of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee and the President of the Royal Institute of Public Health.

Lord Soulsby was also veterinary surgeon to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Soulsby was Professor of Animal Pathology at the University of Cambridge in the UK from 1978 to 1993. He has been a Fellow of Wolfson College Cambridge since 1978.



Before his retirement Soulsby was also a visiting professor at various universities in Europe and the United States. He is an honorary member of numerous international parasitology societies and has been awarded numerous honorary degrees and awards.


His granddaughters are Kananu Kirimi (actress) and Iona Soulsby (student of Environmental Science and Development Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand).
Full Title:

Ernest Jackson Lawson Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, Created 1990   


University of Edinburgh, MRCVS, (1948), DVSM (1949) PhD (1952), Cambridge(MA) (1954) 

General practice:

 Penrith, Cumbria 1948

Academic Positions: 

University Lecturer University of Bristol (1952-1954); University of Cambridge (1954-1964) 

Professor of Parasitology, University of Pennsylvania (1964-1978) and Chairman Dept

Pathobiology (1965-1978)

Professor of Animal Pathology, University of Cambridge and Dean School of Veterinary Medicine

(1978-1993) Professorial Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge (1978-1993) Emeritus Fellow

(1993-2002) Honorary Fellow (2002-  )

Honorary Degrees:

Universities of Pennsylvania 







St George’s in Grenada

Honorary Fellow:

Royal Society of Medicine 

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 

Royal College of Pathologists

Founding Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences

Institute of Biology


Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (1984-1985)

Royal Society of Medicine (1998-2000)

Royal Institute of Public Health (2003- )

Parliamentary and Scientific Committee (2004- ) 

World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary (1963-1967)

Helminthological Society of Washington (1970-71)

Veterinary Research Club (1986-1988)

Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (2007- )


Chaudhury Gold Medal Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, 1976 

Behring Bilharz Prize, Cairo, 1977

Ludwig Schunk Prize, Justus Liebig University, 1979 

Chiron Award BVA, 1998 

Equine Veterinary Achievement Award, Animal Health Trust, 2005


 Author or co-author of 14 books and some 200 articles in scientific journals.

Selected Works:

  • Textbook of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology [1965]
  • Biology of Parasites [1966]
  • Epidemiology and Control of Nematodiasis in Cattle [1981]  











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