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Professor Witold Stefanski (1891-1973), was a parasitologist of a younger generation in Poland. He studied free living nematodes under Professor Jung in Geneva University (1913-1917). In Poland in 1925 he took over the Chair of Zoology and Parasitology at the Veterinary Faculty of Warsaw University. His contribtions to the life cycles of Dioctophyme renale and Hypoderma bovis were considerable. Together with Gustaw Poluszynski, professor at Lwów University, he was a founder of the Polish School of Veterinary Parasitology. The School expanded considerably after 1945; Professor Stefanski, with his leading position among researchers in biology, was the founder of the Department of Parasitology of Polish Academy of Sciences in 1952, which in 1980 turned into the Witold Stefanski Institute of Parasitology, directed now by Professor Andrzej Malczewski. Among the students and assistants of Stefanski there were: Bogdan Czaplinski, Jan Drozdz, Andrzej Fagasinski, Barbara Machnicka- Rowinska, Andrzej Malczewski, Janina Pastuszko, Wieslaw Slusarski, Marian Swietlikowski, Stefan Tarczynski and Eugeniusz Zarnowski.