Vahedinoori, Nasrollah

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Vahedinoori, Nasrollah
E-mail Address:
Place of work: Jahad Researchs Center,Sari Branch/Islamic Azad Uni,Science and Research Branch,PhD Student
Field of study: Nematodes, Ticks
Year of taking PhD degree:
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position:
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He started his PhD course in Veterinary Parasitology at Veterinary Faculty of Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University(Tehran)in 2006(1384).

Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Conferences Articles: 

1Prevalence of leptospiral (intrrrogans) antibodies in suspect cattle flocks in mazandaran province. Nasrollah vahedi
 Scientific and research quarterly of agricultural jahad ISSN: 1019-9632 NO 54 spring 2002, pp: 13-15 
2Primary research of gastro – intestinal cryptosporidial infestation in lambs (o-3 months) and calves (0-6 months 0 in the amol city. Nasrollah vahedi
The first Iranian academic congress on zoonotic diseases.14-15 June 2005
Islamic azad university.Karaj campus,pp:43 .    
 3Determination of antibiotic residues in industrial poultry carcass in mazandaran province by means of F.P.T (Four –Plate – Test) method. Nasrollah vahedi
4th national symposium of poultry health & diseases. Pp: 138-140.
4- Determination of ticks (F: ixodidae) in ruminants (cattle – sheep – goat) in ecological condition of mazangaran province. Nasrollah vahedi
The sixth national and the first regional congress on phraseology and parasitic diseases. 27-29 may, 2008 Karaj, IP Iran.pp:474
5- Seroprevalence of sheep toxoplasmosis in sari. Nasrollah vahedi
4th convention of Iranian veterinary clinicians. May 31- June 2 2005. Urmia, Iran,
 Pp: 331. 
 6Isolation &identification of poultry’s pathogen Mycoplasma agent from broiler farms at the end of the rearing period in Amol. Nasrollah vahedi
5th convention of Iranian veterinary clinicians. 12-14 February, 2008, Ahvaz, Iran.pp: 76 .
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