Youssefi,Mohammad Reza

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Youssefi,Mohammad Reza
E-mail Address:
Place of work: Islamic Azad Uni,Babol Branch,Vet Fac/Tehran Uni,Vet Fac,PhD Student
Field of study:
Year of taking PhD degree:
Year of taking MSc(M.S.P.H.) degree:
University position:
Phone number: oo98 111 3299927

Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

Personal information: 

Date of Birth:  .1976

Fax number:  0098 111 2229936

Place of Birth:  Babol,Iran

Marital status: Married

Contact address:

Parasitology Department, Veterinary faculty, Islamic Azad University, Babol – Branch, Mazandaran, IRAN

Academic education:

-PhD. :   2007(1386)-       Veterinary Parasitology/Student Tehran University,Veterinary Faculty

-MSc. : 2001-2003             Medical Parasitology/Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

-BSc. :  1997-1999                Veterinary Laboratory Sciences

-Technician 1995-1997  Veterinary Technician

 Thesis / Dissertations:


Membership in societies:

-Iranian Society of Parasitology (ISP)

Work experience:  

-Teaching    Islamic Azad University,Babol branch

Research interests:

Workshop attendance:


1- Youssefi M.R, Sharif M, Izadi J and Khalilian A.R. Evaluation of hydatid cyst component effect in prevention Hymenolepis nana in rats. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences Autumn 2004, Volume 6, Number 4, pp. 43-48.


2-Youssefi M.R , Sefidgar S.A.A, Mousavi S.J.Comparison of flotation and glycerin sedimentation methods in evaluation of feces samples. Research and Scientific Journal Novin, Spring & Summer2004, Vol, 5:No.9; pp.27-31.

3-Youssefi M.R, Sefidgar S.A.A, Mousavi S.J. Evaluation of hydatid cyst prevalence in mazandaran slaughterhouse in 2003.Journal of cattle, poultry and marines, January & February 2004, volume 8, pp. 23-25.


4- Youssefi M.R, Sefidgar A.A, Maligi GH,.Mosavi S.J and Asnaashari M.Y.Infection of rivery whitefishes (Rutilus rutilus) to the parasite of Ligula intestinalis in Aras Dam. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences Spring 2005, Volume 7, Number2, pp. 80-83.

5-  Gholami SH, Mohamad pour R.A, Sharif M, Ziaee H, Youssefi M.R. Intestinal Parasitic infection in cattle breeders in rural region of Babol town during 2003. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences. Autumn 2005.volume 7, number4, pp.83-87.

6- Youssefi M.R, Sefidgar S.A.A, Mostafazadeh A, Mahdavi Omran S. Serologic evaluation of toxoplasmosis in matrimonial women in Babol, Iran. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 10(9),pp.1550-1552, 2007 and Irannian Journal of Infection Disease and Tropical Medicine Volume 10, Number 28, June2005, pp.31-33.

7- Youssefi M.R, Sefidgar S.A.A, Ghaffari S. Seroepidemiology of sheep toxoplasmosis in   Babol Northern Iran 2004. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2007, 10(7),pp. 1147-1148.

 8- Sefidgar S.A.A, Youssefi M.R, Rezvani S.M, Mahdavi Omran S. Case report of Demodecosis in a 6 years old girl. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences. Autumn 2007. Volume 6, number4, pp.63-66.

9- Esfandiari B, Youssefi M.R, Keighobadi M, Nahrevanian H. In vivo evaluation of anti-parasitic effect of Artemisia absinthium extract on Syphacia parasite. The internet journal of parasitic disease.2007; Volume2, Number2.

10- Youssefi M.R, Mousavi S.J, Nourbaran A. Prevalence of Sarcocystis in mazandaran slaughterhouse in 2005. Journal of cattle, poultry and marines, May & June 2007 volume 5, pp. 25-28.

11- Youssefi M.R, Keighobadi M, Asnaashari M.Y. Ixodid tick species infesting sheep and cattle in Kelardasht Part (Chaloos), Iran. Journal of Entomology, 2008, Volume 5, number1, pp.56-58.

12- Esfandiari B, Youssefi M.R, Nahrevanian H, Keighobadi M, Aghvami Amoli Sh., Ziapour P. Incidence of pollution to Pedicolosis in patients referring to Health Center of Shemiranat suburb, Tehran, during 2002 to 2006. The Internet Journal of Parasitic Diseases; Vol. 3, No.1, 2008.


13- Youssefi, M.R, Aminpour A, Arabkhazaeli F. Dermatitis caused by Simulium   (Black flies) Bite. Iranian J Parasitol: Vol 3, No.3,2008,pp. 48-53.


14-Mahdavi omran S, Maliji G, Sefidgar A.A, Youssefi M.R, Moosavi S.J. Effect of honey from Iran on Candida albicans. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences. Vol 10, No 5, 2008, pp. 15-22.

15- Youssefi M.R, Arabkhazaeli F, Tabar Mola Hassan A. Seroepidemiological study of Neospora caninum in rural and industrial cattle in Babol, Northern Iran. Iranian J Parasitol: Vol 4,No.1,2009,pp.20-23.

16-Youssefi M.R, Hosseini S.M, Arabkhazaeli F, Jafari M. Occurrence and pathology of Gongylonema infection in sheep in Babol, Iran. Iranian journal of Veterinary Sciences.Vol.3, No.2, 2009, pp. .

17-Youssefi M.R, Esfandiari B, Aminpour A. Compression of Neospora caninum antibodies in rural and industrial cattle in Babol, Iran 2008. Iranian journal of Veterinary Sciences.Vol.3, No.3, 2009, pp. .

18-Youssefi M.R, Aghajanzadeh H, Mirshahi SH. Prevalence survey of sheep Coenuros cerebralis in Babol slaughter house 2008.(in press)

19-Youssefi M.R, Hosseini S.H. First report of Hystrichis in Eurasian otter(Lutra lutra).( in press)

20-Youssefi M.R, Hoseini S.H, Hoseini S.M, Zaheri B.A. First report of Ancylostoma tubaeforme in Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Iran. (in press)

21-Youssefi M.R, Abouhosseini M, S.H.Hoseini. Evaluation of Hydatid cyst surgeries in Mazandaran province (2001-2007) .( in press)

22- Hoseini S.H., Youssefi M.R. , Gerami Sadeghian A., Darvishi M.First report of Taenia taeniaeformis in Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Iran.( in press)

23- Youssefi M.R , Hoseini S.H, Hoseini S.M. Toxocara canis in a leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) in Iran.( in press)

24 – Esfandiari B., Youssefi M.R. , Abouhosseini Tabari M, ZiapourS.P. Evaluation of leptospirosis  prevalence in Mazandaran province2008.(in press) 

25- Youssefi M.R. , Sefidgar S.A.A., Abouhosseini Tabari M. First report of intestinal myiasis due to Eristalis tenax in Iran.( in press)

26 - Youssefi M.R. , Abouhosseini Tabari, Esfandiari B. Evaluation of Babesia prevalence industrial cattle in Mazandaran province2008.( in press)

27- Youssefi M.R. , Abouhosseini Tabari, Esfandiari B.Comparison of Eosin and Trypan blue staining in fertility and viability of Hydatid cyst.( in press)

Papers presented in Symposiums or Congresses:

1. Youssefi M.R, Tabari A and Nourozian S.M.B.A survey of thick in cases had referred to veterinary clinics in Babol (Babolkenar part) March to September 2001.(7 th European Congress of Entomology, October 7-13 2002 Thessalonica GREECE .Poster 161).

2. Youssefi M.R, Keighobadi M and Karimi N. Evaluation malaria prevalence that refers to fever in health center shemiranat (Tehran) 2001. (10th Iranian congress on infection diseases and Tropical medical 5-9 Jan 2002, Tehran-IRAN poster 130.

3- Zabihi N, Moghadam nia A.A, Youssefi M.R. Chicken are resistant to Paederus beetles induced dermatitis. 6 th   International Congress of Turkish Society of Toxicology.Antalia – Turkey November 2-5, 2006, poster 059.


1-300 test of Parsitology, Mycology and Entomology. M.R.Youssefi, N.Karimi, M.Keighobadi. Published Allame Helli,Sari.IRAN.

2- Translation (English to Persian) Laboratory mouse .by Mark A.Suckow, Peggy J Danneman et al.With pasture institute IRAN. Published Noore Elm, Hamedan, IRAN.

Foreign languages proficiency:

-Persian(Farsi)   Native



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