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  • Iran Conferences (2008) (1)
  • Iran Conferences (2009) (7)
  • Iran Conferences (2010) (7)
  • Iran Conferences (2011) (2)
  • Iran Conferences (2012) (5)


1 16th Iranian Veterinary Congress Tehran,Razi Conferences Centre 27-29.Apr.2010 (7-9.Ordibehesht.1388)
2 17th Iranian Veterinary Congress Iran,Tehran, Razi International Conference Center 28-30.April.2012 (9-11.Ordibehesht.1391)
3 1st International Congress of Large Animal Practitioners (ICLAP 2011) Tehran, Iran 23-24.Feb.2011
4 1st International Congress on Aquatic animal health management and diseases Tehran,Hejab Street 27-28.Jan.2009
5 1st Iranian Fish Processing and Safety of Fish Products Conference (IFPC) Bandar anzali, Guilan province, Iran  
6 1st Iranian Ornamental Fishes Conference Tehran .June.2010 (.Tir.1389)
7 2nd International Congress & Exhibition on Aquatic Animal Health Management and Diseases Tehran, Iran 26-27.Oct.2010
8 2nd International Congress of Food Hygiene Tehran,Iran 30Apr-1May.2011
9 2nd International Veterinary Poultry Congress (IVPC2010) Tehran 20-21.Feb.2010
10 2nd National Conference of Tick and the tick related diseases Semnan,Semnan University  
11 3rd International Veterinary Poultry Congress (IVPC 2012) Tehran, Iran 22-23.Feb.2012 (3-4.Esfand.1390)
12 3rd Iran Shrimp Conference Bushehr, Iran 5-6.Dec.2010 (14-15.Azar.1389)
13 3rd Iranian Congress of Clinical Microbiology Shiraz,Neshat Street 6-8.Oct.2009
14 6th Convention of Iranian Veterinary Clinicians Tabriz 28-30.July.2009(6-8.Mordad.1388)
15 6th Iranian National Congress of Parasitology (NICOPA 6) Karaj,Razi Institute 27-29.May.2008
16 7th Convention of Iranian Veterinary Clinicians Tehran,Veterinary Faculty,University of Tehran, Iran 18-19.Jan.2012 (28-29.Dey.1390)
17 7th National and 2nd Regional Congress of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Iran (NICOPA 7) Tehran,Imam Khomeini Hospital,Conferences Hall 19-21.Oct.2010 (27-29.Mehr.1389)
18 8th National Symposium and 1st International Congress of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Iran (NICOPA 8) Kerman, Kerman Uni of Medical Sciences, Iran 17-19.Oct.2012 (25-27.Mehr.1391)
19 International Congress on Malaria Elimination Kish Island, Hormozgan, Iran 25-27.January.2012 (5-7.Bahman.1390)
20 The First National Coldwater Fishes Conference Mazandaran,Tonekabon 12-14 May 2009(22-24 Ordibehesht1388)
21 The First National Congress of Economical Diseases of Culture Trade of Rainbow Trout Chaharmahal va Bakhtiary,Shahrekord 17-18.May.2009 (27-28.Ordibehesht.1388)
22 The First National Congress of Veterinary Laboratory Sciences Tehran 1-2.Dec.2009(10-11.Azar.1388)

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